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Limone is for everyone,
even our four-legged friends

Holiday with dog in Limone sul Garda

Would you like to take your dog with you on holiday? Limone sul Garda offers various solutions for those who love to travel with your pets: itineraries in nature, a nice dog park where you can play with them in safety and a dedicated beach where dogs are allowed.

Finally, there are numerous facilities where dogs are welcome: pet friendly hotels with all the amenities for your pet, flats and much more. Choose the structure that's right for you and enjoy an exciting stay in Limone sul Garda!

Dog Park

The Municipal Administration of Limone sul Garda, which pays attention to the needs of our 4-legged friends, has created a very useful Dog Park!

A sign of sensitivity and welcome for dogs to the delight of their owners. The dog park is located in the olive grove at "Crocette".

It is completely fenced off and there is a play area where animals can run and romp freely. There are also some nice obstacles that your animals will love to jump over.

Dog Beach, the beach for dogs in Limone sul Garda

In Limone sul Garda, in "Sopino", which can only be reached on foot, there is a beach where dogs are allowed, a real "Bau Beach", a beach where your four-legged friend can take a refreshing dip in the lake in a dedicated area.

Rules for the handling of dogs on beaches

Throughout the year, dogs are only allowed on the beach at "Sopino".


Veterinarian: Dr Sara Cavazza - Tel.: +39 3355750375 - by appointment -
Home visits can be arranged by telephone.

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