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Things to do in Limone sul Garda

If you have never been to Limone sul Garda, here is what you should not miss during your holiday:

  • Visit the old town center with its narrow streets, stairways and squares that invite you to admire the most picturesque views with an ancient flavor that take you, as if by magic, back in time. A heart rich in art and culture, with numerous churches and museums. There are many typical places where you can have a snack, sip a drink, enjoy an ice cream, and go shopping. So, you will realize that our resort is ideal for a pleasant holiday for young people, families with children, sports enthusiasts and all those who want to spend a few days having fun and relaxing in harmony with nature.
    New: to make the discovery of the area more enjoyable, we have selected 5 Smart Tours with different themes and of different lengths: 5 routes that can be downloaded free of charge onto your Smartphone to visit Limone in total autonomy, complete with descriptions and audio guides in various languages.
  • The Garda cycle path: a pleasant walk from the center of town along the lake to the border with Trentino, where you can admire the picturesque view of the mountains overlooking the water, the typical “Limonaie”, the olive groves that descend towards the coast, all in an explosion of lights and colors in the magical atmosphere that only the Garda landscape can create. By downloading the free ILIMONE APP you will find a list of pleasant walks for everyone, and paths dedicated to guided trekking with three fixed appointments during the week, for a fee.

A privileged climate

The climate of our lake, comparable to the Mediterranean, favors the development of a luxuriant and varied flora that manifests itself in an explosion of colors, making the surrounding landscape a multicolored oasis within the Alto Garda Bresciano Park. There are many factors that contribute to making our area such an oasis, including: its location just 65 meters above sea level, the mitigating action of the lake which, like a sponge, releases the heat stored during the summer in winter, the mountains that surround our area and protect it from cold winds and the low rainfall. The result is a privileged habitat, preserved with care and pride by the people of Limone, which makes for a pleasant holiday, combining the comforts of staying in the various tourist facilities with an ecologically healthy environment.

Limone, the flowery municipality

Limone has been awarded the “Comune Fiorito” prize, which recognizes the administration's great commitment to beautifying public areas and spaces with flowers and plants daily. The Promenade in the town center is an explosion of colors and scents, and you can't help but immortalize this enchantment with a few snaps to post on your social profiles.

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