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Location for Weddings on Lake Garda

If you are looking for a location for your wedding, Limone sul Garda is the place for you! You can choose to spend your most beautiful day in the park of Villa Boghi or in the Limonaia del Castel.

Villa Boghi

The celebration of civil marriages has taken place for years in the beautiful park of the municipal seat of Villa Boghi, the romantic flowered gazebo will be the setting for your most beautiful day.

"La Casetta", more commonly known today as "Villa Boghi", was built at the beginning of the 20th century to a design by engineer Giovanni Bonaventura Gerardi. It was owned by Luigi Gerardi (1828-1906); on his death the property passed to his daughter Sofia (1880-1943), who was married to Antonio Boghi (1867-1931), an industrialist from Cantù who was in love with Limone. During the Second World War, the villa was requisitioned several times: in September 1943 to house the German Command, in April 1944 - when Limone was also part of the territory of the Italian Social Republic (R.S.I.) - for Lieutenant Bruno Ridarelli, in May to house first General Tomaso Semadini, head of the political service of the General Command of the Republican National Guard, and then the Minister of National Education Carlo Albero Biggini. On 26 August 1944 it was FIAT's Officina X, which had moved some of its plants to the Gardesana Occidentale tunnels, that asked for the requisition of the villa's 11 rooms to house its offices. Since 2004 Villa Boghi has been the seat of the Town Hall. It can be accessed either from Via IV Novembre or from Via Tamas, near the capital dedicated to St Giovanni Nepomuceno. In the large park, open to the public every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., the Limonaia, paths and flowerbeds have been carefully arranged. There are numerous citrus trees, olive trees, cypresses, palms, and exotic plants. The bust of St. Daniel Comboni (1831-1881), a 1981 work by Hans Oberstaller, has been placed in the northern part of the garden.

Limonaia del Castèl

The Limonaia del Castel was purchased in 1995, renovated and put back into use, with the planting of over a hundred citrus trees, the restoration of the terracing and the irrigation system, and the arrangement of the tool sheds, which have also become an educational trail.

To facilitate access to the limonaia, ceramic tiles have been placed on the streets in the center.

The Limonaia del Castel is the ideal place to say "I do": the terraces overlooking Lake Garda offer a unique view!

For further information or for reservations, please contact the Town Hall during office hours on 0365 954008.

Sala Giunta

In case of bad weather, or if you prefer to get married inside the Villa Comunale, the Sala Giunta is at your disposal (about 25 standing places).

The ceremony can be personalized and enriched with live music or CDs (no CD player available), readings and anything else that can help create a unique atmosphere and make this important moment exciting and unforgettable.

The hall or the space reserved for the wedding celebration may be decorated with flowers and other decorations by prior arrangement with the venue's staff.

They must be returned as found, clean and tidy.

For information on Weddings in Limone sul Garda:


25010 Limone sul Garda (BS)
TEL +39 0365 954008
FAX +39 0365 954366

Documents required for the celebration of the marriage


  • a deed of proxy from the municipality of origin for the celebration of the marriage in the municipality of Limone sul Garda (dated no earlier than 6 months before the date fixed for the wedding)
  • copy of the identity documents of the bride, groom, and witnesses
  • If the bride and groom intend to opt for a separation of property regime, a special declaration must be signed before the wedding at the Civil Status Office of the Municipality of Limone sul Garda.

FOR FOREIGN CITIZENS FROM STATES WITH WHICH ITALY HAS ESTABLISHED MATRIMONIAL AGREEMENTS (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, France)

  • certificate of marital capacity issued by the competent civil registrar of the other State (in line with the provisions of art. 116 of our Civil Code)
  • birth certificate of both spouses, if the authorization does not already contain information relating to the paternity and maternity of the future spouses
  • copies of the identity documents of the bride, groom, and witnesses.
  • if the foreign bride is already married, please contact the Civil Status Office before booking to check whether there is a temporary ban on remarriage.


  • certificate of no impediment to marriage, issued by the civil registrar's office of the district of residence, apostilled in the United Kingdom but translated with affidavit in Italy (at the Court)
  • bilingual sworn statement (therefore, no translation is necessary), made before a notary/lawyer (solicitor) in the United Kingdom, apostilled in the United Kingdom
  • copies of the identity documents of the bride, groom, and witnesses
  • if the foreign bride is already married, please contact the Registrar's Office prior to booking to check that there is no temporary ban on remarriage.

All documents must be received a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 1 month before the celebration.

The reservation of the date of the celebration will only be confirmed upon receipt of this application form.


The rates to be applied, approved by the Municipal Council with Resolution no. 28 of 29.07.2014, are as follows

HALL CONCESSION (or other space for the celebration of the wedding)


  • Preparation of the hall
  • assistance of municipal staff for the minimum time necessary for the civil ceremony


free of charge


Monday to Friday = Euro 400.00
Saturday = Euro 600.00
Sundays and public holidays = Euro 800,00
(always at 11:00 a.m.)


Interpreter: Euro 100,00


Payment of the sum due must be made at least 30 days before the wedding celebration at the BCC del Garda Municipal Treasury (Limone sul Garda branch), by debit/credit card at the municipal offices, or by bank transfer


ABI 08676
CAB 54640
C/C 162100
IBAN IT 33 N 08676 54640 000000162100

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