Limone: an experience
to be lived

Your motorbike holidays

If you are a fan of motorbikes and love exploring the area in contact with nature, you cannot miss the motorbike itineraries that wind their way from Limone, starting from the Gardesana road that encircles Lake Garda for 158 kilometers.

Choose one of the hotels, with all the amenities for motorcyclists: garage, parking, washing areas, maps with routes, contacts with the nearest garage, laundry service and much more!
You will have the opportunity to spend your holiday riding your motorbike, crossing unique landscapes and experiencing incredible emotions thanks to the numerous tours that will take you to discover a region with a thousand facets, on roads that climb from the lake to the mountains, set in the rock overlooking the lake, passing through green valleys and small villages. 

The Forra road

It is an itinerary to be travelled slowly to enjoy the panorama interspersed with enchanting glimpses and a unique view of Lake Garda with the steep cliffs behind the road. The route we recommend is with an ascent to the Strada della Forra and descent to Limone, since during the high season, from April to November, there is a one-way uphill from 10 am to 7 pm.
The Forra Road is approx. 10 km long and is beautiful in the evening hours, thanks to the sunsets that Lake Garda offers.

The Gardesana Road

The Gardesana is one of the favorite routes for lovers of two wheels, both for the unique landscapes and for the presence of suggestive tracks. Among the curves and tunnels, you can experience incredible emotions on board a motorbike. The route starts from Limone sul Garda, and it is possible to do the complete tour along the lake for 158 kilometers. You will have the opportunity to cross unique villages, stretches overhanging Lake Garda and admire unforgettable valleys.

The Sanctuary of Montecastello

The sanctuary of Montecastello stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking Lake Garda. It is about 700 meters high and has recently been restored. Considered one of the most visited sacred places of Garda, it is known for its architectural and landscape beauty.

Experience incredible adventures on two wheels!

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