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Your holiday in
harmony with nature

Your green holiday in Limone sul Garda

If you care about the environment, you can enjoy a green holiday in Limone.

With the bicycle you can follow some of the most beautiful itineraries: such as the cycle path, overlooking the lake, which will give you a unique panorama. On foot, on the other hand, you can venture into the olive groves to discover the lush, unspoilt nature around the town, keep fit in the fitness areas or, if you love water sports, ride the waves on a windsurfing board.

In terms of sustainability, Limone stands out among the -friendly resorts in terms of minimum environmental impact, differentiated waste collection, sustainable mobility with electric charging stations and water supply points. This has allowed Limone to receive a series of awards and certifications as an eco-friendly destination.

But that's not all! In Limone, hospitality is also green: many hotels have undertaken a path in respect of the environment and the nature that surrounds them, producing few emissions and using organic products. You will therefore have the opportunity to experience a stay according to a sustainable philosophy and lifestyle. Discover the eco-friendly hotels!

Awards and certificates: Municipality of Limone sul Garda

Limone, the jewel in the crown of Garda tourism, thanks to its strategic position between the green mountains and the immense blue of Lake Garda, is the destination par excellence for those who want to spend a holiday surrounded by nature. The beauty of its environment is the real wealth of this area, which protects its resources to promote eco-sustainable tourism.

This commitment has been recognized over the years by important bodies that have certified its merits with multiple awards.

Limone has been awarded the Flower Municipality prize, which recognizes municipalities for their respect for nature. The municipality of Limone is committed to improving the environment daily, enriching all the municipal public areas and spaces with flowers. In addition, to maintain this green lifestyle, it employs a team of gardeners who do their utmost to ensure the health of its flora. The improvement of the village is not only something that the municipal administration cares about: many shopkeepers and private individuals also care about the image that the local community wants to give, and in fact they embellish their properties with various well-kept plants.

Over the years, Limone has received several awards that demonstrate just how much the town cares about the environment. Among these are the Uni En ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System and Emas certification.

This is a European regulation to which an organization can voluntarily adhere if it has an interest in protecting the environment. The Municipality of Limone sul Garda by adhering to this organization, wants to contribute to the protection of the ecosystem by minimizing as much as possible the impact that certain practices have on the surrounding nature. How? By encouraging the population, but also visitors, to adopt eco-sustainable behavior.

In addition to the ecological aspect, the town also promotes the historical, artistic, and cultural aspects. In fact, to give space to the food and wine area, Limone is part of the "Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori del Garda". The latter is a non-profit association that promotes, thanks to targeted tours, the discovery of flavors present on Lake Garda such as oil and lemons.

The PDO Garda olive oil is a renowned product that is known throughout Europe. The environmental characteristics of the place, such as favorable climate and soil, and the constant care taken in the cultivation of the olive trees, result in an excellent, high-quality oil with an acidity of less than 1% and a refined taste. Because of its special characteristics, the extra virgin olive oil from Limone is part of the National Association of Oil Cities. This institution brings together the territories in which fine oils are produced that fall under a Denomination of Origin.

Specifically, the Association's main task is to disseminate quality oil and its culture, promoting the olive-growing environment and its history.

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