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What to do in Limone sul Garda: sports and leisure activities

Garda is a real open-air gym.

All kinds of "active sports" can be practiced here. This is confirmed by the many guests who come here to windsurf, sail, kite, mountain bike, trek or simply take a walk. A varied landscape that ranges from 60 meters above sea level in the waters of Lake Garda to peaks of over 2,000 meters in height.

This is one of the most protected landscapes in the world, with rich vegetation, an oasis that seems to have no equal, and this is confirmed by the number of tourists, over 15 million per year, most of whom come from abroad.

The triangle that has its vertices in Torbole-Malcesine-Limone is considered an authentic paradise by enthusiasts, who consider this area one of the European capitals of active sports.

Discover the activities in Limone sul Garda

The pedestrian and bike path in Limone sul Garda

On 14 July 2018, the new section of the cycle and pedestrian path was inaugurated in Limone sul Garda, which runs from the town to the border with Trentino.

More about the cycle and pedestrian path

Mountain biking and Lake Garda

For lovers of two wheels, there is nothing better than discovering Lake Garda by bicycle. A true paradise made up of roads, dirt tracks, paths and mule tracks that climb up beautiful mountains and hilly areas.

There are kilometers of footpaths overlooking the lake and unparalleled routes for all levels: from beginners who want to enjoy a leisurely hike to experts looking for adrenaline-pumping routes.

Cycling in Limone

In Limone sul Garda you can get around by bike in complete peace, on the cycle path, trails and itineraries that are ideal for cycling with friends. If you don't want to travel great distances by bicycle, and perhaps return comfortably by public transport, you can take advantage of the services offered by shuttle, ferries, and buses for transporting bicycles. For those who wish, a bicycle or e-bike rental service is available in Limone.

Let yourself be moved by the bike trails in Limone!


Limone is the ideal destination for trekking with its many scenic routes, suitable for every sportsperson: from the relaxing walk along the cycle-pedestrian path to the more extreme routes such as Cima Mughera and Carone Peak.

Go to the dedicated page to discover all the routes, see maps and altitude profiles

Windsurf & Kite

Lake Garda is famous for its winds, in particular the north wind, the strong "Pelèr" in the morning and the "Ora", which blows from the south after lunch.

Windsurfing and kiting on Lake Garda is great for both beginners and experts who want to perfect their style. In order to go kite surfing you have to show your card or Wind and Kite surfing level certificate (IKO, FFVL, BKSA, ...) if required: courses are organized by the many excellent schools on Lake Garda.

In the last few years Sup (stand up paddling), a new sport with a Hawaiian tradition, has become very popular in all the seas and lakes of the world! A solution when the wind dies down and the waves have stopped.

In many centers you can also rent single and two-seater canoes. These canoes are easy to handle and stable, allowing you to tackle the lake in safety and comfort. Organize a morning in a canoe and enjoy a moment of relaxation among unforgettable places.

Planet Allsports

Windriders - Limone Watersports

Cell.: 348 8975467
Cell.: 340 1293122
Kitesurf- Sailing - SUP - Wing Foil - Catamaran
Lessons in DE- NL - IT -ENG

Maselli Kite School

Sailing: a Garda tradition

Garda boasts a long and consolidated sailing tradition. In the last 50 years the sailing clubs have been able to create the best skippers of the Olympic classes.

More than 36 winds blow on Lake Garda, but two of these thermal winds, the "Pelér or Suer" that blows in the morning from the north and the "Ora" that blows after midday from the south, have made our lake famous throughout Europe. It is not for nothing that this area is said to be a great training ground for sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts, so much so that national teams from various countries come here for international regattas and periodic retreats and training sessions. One of the first sights the lake offers is the view of its waters dotted with white sails. The numerous schools throughout the area give beginners the opportunity to approach this fascinating sport.

A member of the Italian Sailing Federation since 1999, the "Circolo Vela Limone" offers sailing courses during the summer months to anyone who wants to take up the sport, even temporarily. The courses, held by federally certified instructors, include theory and practical lessons at various levels: on board Optimist for children from 7 to 12 years old; Laser and 470 for young people from 12 to 16 years old; Caravelle and One-design for adults.

Sailing courses

From April to October, for adults and children, held by federally certified instructors (beginners and advanced).


Information Office (parking Caldogno)
Via IV Novembre, 29/I
Tel. 0365 914106

Navigation regulations

The regulations for navigation on Lake Garda approved by interregional law provide for:

Rules to be respected

In the coastal strip, up to a distance of 300 meters from the shore, navigation is only allowed for sailing boats, rowing boats and sailing boards. The protection zone is reduced to 150 meters in the coastal stretches of the Gulfs of Salò and Romantica between the mouth of the Barbarano stream and the Rocca di Manerba, around the island of Garda and at the end of the Sirmione-Punta Grotte promontory. The maximum speed is 20 knots during the day and 5 knots at night. In the coastal strip the maximum speed is 3 knots provided that the landing and departure maneuver is carried out perpendicularly to the coast.

In ports too, the maximum speed is 3 knots.

Water skiing

Water-skiing is permitted with good visibility from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in waters at least 500 meters from the shore; maximum speed is 25 knots. Life jackets must be worn.

Sailing Boats

Use is only permitted during the day and with good visibility from one hour after sunrise until sunset. Use of life jackets is compulsory.


Must be practiced away from ports, boat routes and water ski corridors. Divers must signal their presence by means of a buoy with a red flag and a white diagonal stripe and be assisted by a support unit. With departure from the shore the buoy is sufficient. Navigation units must maintain a distance of at least 100 meters from the buoy.

Water scooters

A license is required under the Waterways Code. It is essential to comply with all the rules of the maritime code and the provisions of the municipal authorities.

Right of way

The following vessels have priority when navigating:

  • Public service vessels.
  • Units used for first aid, public order, surveillance, and other public services.
  • Units engaged in professional fishing operations.

Motorboats and sailing boats are obliged to stay at least 100 meters away from public service vessels and vessels engaged in professional fishing operations, and to exercise caution in the vicinity of sailing schools.


It is forbidden to:

  • Obstruct the routes of public service vessels and hinder their approach and mooring maneuvers.
  • To obstruct units engaged in professional fishing operations and units engaged in sailing regattas.
  • Follow in the wake or at less than 50 meters units towing water skiers.

It is forbidden to sail or dive:

  • On the route of units in public service.
  • In ports and near their entrances.
  • In areas reserved for bathing.
  • In areas maintained by reeds.
  • In the launching corridors for water skiing.

Special regulations for the autonomous province of Trento

In the waters under the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the navigation of motorized units is prohibited. Sailboats may use the engine to leave and enter ports and to return to port if there is no wind or if there is a justified need.

Excursions by boat and motorboat

Leaving from Limone and buying a one-day ticket, with the boat it is possible to have a pleasant day of navigation, freely choosing the places to visit. It is possible to get off, make stops and then leave on the next boat. Timetables can be found at

If you would like to take a trip by motorboat, you can book a short tour of the upper lake or the famous one-day Girolago: the trip begins by skirting the western shore of Lake Garda, seeing characteristic and historic places such as Gargnano, Isola del Garda and Sirmione. Disembarkation for lunch and free time for 2 hours.

Departure from Sirmione with a view of the Scaliger Castle and the Grottoes of Catullus, heading towards the eastern shore of Lake Garda to Bardolino. Return in the late afternoon, passing Garda, Punta S.Vigilio, Torri, Malcesine.

Garda Excursions Peroni

Ufficio - Via Corda, 3
Tel. 0365 954355
Fax 0365 918994
Public motorboat service with individual or group trips

Visit this page to book the motorboat from Limone to Malcesine with Garda Escursioni

Motorboat hire

Yellow Team Rent Boat - G.T. 71 S.r.l
Via Lungolago Marconi
25010 Limone sul Garda
Phone: 0039 338 5909700 - 0039 339 8192888
Motorboat Rental 40 HP without a nautical license

Limone Rent Boat - Loncrini Sabrina
Via Lungolago Marconi
25010 Limone sul Garda
Phone: 0039 333 7616432 - 0039 333 4663193
Motorboat Rental without a nautical license


In Limone sul Garda, tennis enthusiasts can play on the municipal courts located in Via Fasse. The center has 3 uncovered clay courts with a garden to relax on, changing rooms, bar, and equipment for hire. Private lessons for groups and individuals are available for players of all levels.

For further information: Tel. 0365/954280

Polisportivo center

Limone has a modern multi-sports center in Via Fasse, consisting of a regulation football pitch, a five-a-side football pitch and an athletics track, which are used by tourists, citizens and sports clubs for training and tournaments at national and international level. On request, it is possible to book the football pitch for team training sessions. Opening hours from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Experience a unique emotion!

During your holiday in Limone, visit Mount Baldo and from here fly over Lake Garda on a paraglider. The take-off is at 1750 meters, reachable by cable car from the center of the village of Malcesine and what awaits you is an unforgettable adrenaline experience. It is possible to book a tandem flight with an expert instructor.

The flight will last about 30 minutes and the landing will take place on the coast in a large green area reserved for Paragliding. To fly individually, a license, insurance and life jacket are required.

Paragliding Club Malcesine
tel. +39 335 6112902
Take-off anemometer: Tel. +39 366 5944289

Sporting events

First edition Vertical-Xtreme, route

There are races destined to leave their mark. The Vertical-Xtreme of Limone is one of them. Approximately 1,100 m of positive height difference in less than 3 km of track: these figures may be impressive, but surely what strikes spectators and the public the most is the amazing panorama that this itinerary offers. From just 60 m asl in the starting area it shoots across a specially "cleared" and signposted path to the 1,160 m asl of the finish banner. Start from the Marconi lakefront, after an initial flat section you enter the historic center of the village until you reach a characteristic olive grove. Then up along a ridge where the climb becomes more and more impervious and difficult.

When you reach Dosso dei Roveri (about halfway up), enter the woods and then take the ridge again towards the summit. At the end the path here also allows 2 short downhill stretches, but it is anything but relaxing: the route passes over rock falls that seem to break into the lake below. Arrival at "Nembra", where there is a breathtaking view.

Difference in Height: 1.080 mt.

Route first edition X-Treme SkyRace

23 km of skyrunning with a positive height difference of 2055mt, start and finish in the suggestive location of Lungolago Marconi in Limone, are the distinctive features of this race. After 2 km through the streets of the town center, you reach Reamòl.

From here begins a suggestive, but very muscular ascent that leads first to Punta Larici and then to Passo Rocchetta. Passing through lower Nembra you reach Cima Mughera, continue on path 101 on a false floor (direction Baita Segala) until you reach the path that leads to the gpm of the race, Monte Carone climbing 285 steps. From the summit, descend and then take the false floor again to the junction for Traversole. Here begins the last piece of up and down to reach Dalco.

Last descent to return to the village of Limone is the classic path nr. 112.

Ponale Road

Between land and water: the magic of the Sentiero Ponale
The Sentiero Ponale, nestled in the wild beauty of Monte Rocchetta, is one of the most fascinating and scenic routes one can explore in Europe. Imagine hovering between land and water, with Lake Garda shimmering below you. This path lies between Riva del Garda and Limone sul Garda, leading into Val di Ledro. The starting point is Riva del Garda.

This trail was envisioned in the 19th century by the visionary Giacomo Cis and is now reserved for hikers and mountain bikers. Its tunnels and curves reveal breathtaking views of the infinite blue of Lake Garda and the surrounding majestic mountains at every step.

Starting from Limone sul Garda
Cyclists can also reach the Ponale path starting from Limone, by using the impressive and beautiful bike and pedestrian path that connects Limone to Riva. Caution: The last section requires traveling a few kilometers on the state road, so this should be avoided if you have little cycling experience or if you are accompanied by small children. Alternatively, we recommend taking the boat from Limone sul Garda and then reaching Riva del Garda. Just south of the boat landing stage in Riva, the Strada del Ponale begins.

For those wishing to reach the start of the trail by car, parking is available in Riva del Garda at the Monte Oro car park (for a fee).

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