🚴 Bike on Lake Garda: the Cyclepath in Limone sul Garda

Marking a landmark day in our town's history, July 14, 2018 saw the grand inauguration of our newest addition: the Ciclopedonale, a magnificent cycle and pedestrian path extending from the heart of Limone sul Garda to the Trentino border 🌄. This path is a testament to human ingenuity and is a stunning synthesis of natural beauty and modern design.

Prepare yourself for an unprecedented journey, whether on foot or bike, that hangs over the lapping waves of Lake Garda, offering views that truly blend the azure of the lake with the vastness of the sky. This experience is accessible right from the city centre, with clearly marked public parking spaces available for your convenience. Your journey begins as you traverse through the quaint historic streets of Limone and leads you up to the picturesque Capo Reamol 🌊🚴.

The Ciclopedonale is truly a path for all 🌍, a welcoming space that does not sleep, made easily navigable even in the tranquillity of the night, thanks to state-of-the-art LED pace markers 🌟. For those wishing to exclusively experience the final 2 km of the path, where the lake's presence is felt most profoundly, taxi services are readily available from the multi-storey car park at the lakeside in the center of Limone 🚖.

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