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Trekking - Limone sul Garda

Useful tips

An excursion, whether on foot or by mountain bike, is always an adventure, an experience to be lived in contact with the mountains and the surrounding nature. As some routes may prove difficult for an untrained hiker, caution is recommended.

Clothing: Always dress appropriately for the season, considering the type of excursion, the altitude, and the weather, which can change very quickly in the mountains. Pack sunglasses, a hat, spare clothing, and a waterproof jacket with a hood in your rucksack.

Equipment: as well as suitable footwear of course, it is recommended that you carry a water bottle, first aid equipment, a map, and a multifunctional knife.

Safety: always let someone know about your excursion and, in the absence of family or friends on the spot, contact the reception of your hotel or residence. A mobile phone, however, can do and help a lot.