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Taste in Limone sul Garda

To end your day on a high note, don't miss the typical places to eat in Limone sul Garda.

Some restaurants overlook the lake, sometimes just a few meters from the water with the breeze accompanying your dinner, while others are nestled in the alleyways to give you an unexpected glimpse of Limone. Savor the taste of local products: fish from the lake, olive oil and citrus fruits grown in the Limonaie. Here you can enjoy traditional dishes combined with Mediterranean cuisine in an explosion of aromas and flavors.

Discover where to eat in Limone sul Garda!

The typical products of Limone sul Garda: recipes and curiosities

The long gastronomic tradition has handed down from generation to generation a series of typical products of Limone sul Garda. The local cuisine, very similar to the Mediterranean tradition, has always stood out for the use of simple ingredients from the land and the lake.

The mild climate and favorable environment allow for the cultivation of olive trees from which the Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil is made, a fine oil with a delicate flavor, used for cooking and for dressing dishes, thanks to its low level of acidity.

Another peculiarity is the production of citrus fruits, especially lemons, in the typical Limonaie.

As well as being used in numerous recipes in the kitchen, these fruits are used to produce drinks and liqueurs such as the famous Limoncino and even cosmetic products such as perfumes, creams, and soaps. 

Lake fish is the basis of the recipes of Garda restaurants.

Fishing has been one of the main activities of the area since ancient times and even today the prized perch, whitefish, pike, carp, and trout are typical dishes to be tasted in every season, accompanied by excellent regional wines.

Discover the typical products of Limone sul Garda in its restaurants, savor the unique taste of this enchanting town!

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