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Lake Garda and
its incredible atmosphere

Limone sul Garda: beach and playgrounds

The beach in Limone sul Garda is a real attraction! The small village of Limone owes much of its fame to its location directly on the lake. Located on the western shore of Lake Garda, it is characterized by a series of splendid beaches, most of which are free and accessible on foot. They are well looked after thanks to the constant commitment and care that the municipal administration dedicates to them.


Tifù Beach

Every weekend from 01.06. to 31.08 from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. there will be a boat service for patrolling the coastline for rescue and relief operations. S.O.S. cell 335 5300605


Se Beach

One of the most evocative and pretty beaches to visit is the Sé beach. Situated 800 meters from the historical center, near the Hotel Al Rio Sé, it is a small pebble beach with no facilities and free access, immersed in the vegetation of one of the quietest places in Limone. It is ideal for those who want to spend a day in total relaxation and enjoy the panorama that the surrounding scenery offers. The beach can only be reached on foot along Via Nova and there are several refreshment points nearby. Perfect instead for those who want to bring their dog to the beach, the Bau Beach, is dedicated to our four-legged friends at about 300 meters from Sé.

Bau Beach

Perfect for those who want to bring their dogs to the beach, the "Bau Beach" in Sopino is dedicated to our four-legged friends about 300 meters from Sé beach and about 1km from the town center. It can only be reached on foot.

Villa Lucia Beach

A unique and pretty beach. This is a small, unequipped pebble beach in the tranquility of Limone. It is ideal for those who want to spend a relaxing day.

Foce Torrente San Giovanni beach

Pebble beach with free access. Nearby you will find restaurants, pizzerias, picnic areas, bars, and ice cream parlors. There are also beach volleyball courts and surfing schools around the beach.


Cola Beach

Pebble beach near the Lungolago car park. Free access, with restaurants, pizzerias, bars, picnic area and ice cream parlors. You can also hire pedalos and tow boats.


Grostol beach

Pebble beach near the center, free access.


Playgrounds in Limone sul Garda

There are two lovely playgrounds in Limone sul Garda, one in the historic center and the other a short distance away.

Via Capitelli playground

Surrounded by olive groves, this playground is equipped with slides, running areas, tables and benches where you can rest in the shade of the olive trees. Adjacent is the covered multi-storey car park "Alcide de Gasperi" with lift access for pushchairs.

Via Fasse playground

The playground in Via Fasse is equipped with swings, slides, large spaces for running, wooden constructions and picnic areas: here your children can enjoy unique adventures. 

Combonian Garden Park

The Tesöl area takes its name from the dialectal form of the verb stretch, meaning to pull the hunting nets that were set up in this area.

The lemon house that we can still see here could contain about 100 lemon trees and was built next to some pre-existing agricultural structures, including the birthplace of St Daniele, in the second half of the 18th century. In the early 19th century, the brothers Giuseppe and Luigi Comboni, from Bogliaco south of Limone, came to work at Tesöl. Luigi had eight children, including Saint Daniele Comboni. In the last years of the 19th century the “limonaia” was bought by Eugenio Comboni, a cousin of Saint Daniele. From his descendants, the Comboni Missionaries bought it, to become custodians of the birthplace of their Holy Founder. Currently the Comboni community is committed to welcoming those who come here to experience moments of prayer and missionary reflection.

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